Touchscreen directory created for the School of the Art Institute (SAIC) Sharp Building
UI/UX Design
Nina Andorf
Art Direction/Design
Hannah Sun
Created to help individuals find rooms, resources, and faculty/staff as they walk into the Sharp Building located in the Chicago Loop as part of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Designed to look minimal and fit seamlessly with the already implemented wayfinding system, this screen begins the journey for anyone entering into the building. It is located at the security desk and creates an initial step before approaching the elevator bank. With many floors to choose from, it's important individuals feel confident they know where they're going prior to approaching the elevators. With elevator traffic being at a constant high in the building, getting off at the wrong floor can be a time consuming error.

Fully touch responsive with remote update capabilities (BrightSign network), this directory also features a search function for people to search by name or by area. Due to the Brightsign network's remote functions, updates to directory information can be done from any place on campus without having to be near the directory at all. This feature is crucial as many academic departments/areas grow and change with each passing semester.