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Hi, I'm Nina

I am an art director and photographer based in Chicago. I specialize in environmental graphic design, brand development, and other forms of visual communication such as layout/typography design and data visualization. When paired, design and photography have the ability to create compelling visuals and meaningful messages, which is something I love about my interdisciplinary work. I received my Bachelor of Design (BDes) from the School of Design at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I studied graphic and industrial design, digital and analog photography, film studies, and design history.

I see the bigger picture when it comes to projects and I take an empathetic approach to solving communication problems within the design landscape. Working hard to find solutions that fill in the right blanks, I always consider the emotions a project may evoke or the impact a design will have. For these reasons, I seek work that pushes the envelope in subject matter and intention. To me, the best projects are those that benefit others and the world around us, changing how people feel and think.

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