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Data Visualization
Hi, I'm Nina
I am an art director and photographer based in Chicago. I received my Bachelor of Design (BDes) from the School of Design at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). With a concentration in visual design, I also received minors in english and film studies while studying additional disciplines such as industrial design, digital and analog photography, and design history. Today, I continue to expand my education through the School of the Art Institute (Chicago) and The New School Parsons (New York City.)  

With an abundance of curiosity, I love working in both the digital and print worlds. I specialize in environmental graphic design and wayfinding, traditional visual communication (print work, layout, typography) logo design, campaign work, data visualization, and much more. I love pairing my photography work with my design projects, something I find to be both refreshing and always original.

My design philosophy is one of balance. I approach my work with both empathy and logic. I find that in order for visual work to be successful it should appeal emotionally to the user/viewer and be functional and deserving of its place in our world. To me, the best projects are those that benefit others and the world around us, changing how people feel and think.  

Let's work together! Drop me a line for a quote and my pricing/fee schedule.