Website design for Parallel Studio
Website Design
Nina Andorf
Parallel Studio is a sound-focused design studio specializing in immersive and interactive sonic experiences based in Portland, Oregon. "From massive multi-channel speaker installations to small scale sonic interactions, we bring audio into the world in new and innovative ways."

This website design focuses on clean lines, bold typography, and immersive video in order to explain and represent the studio's work and approach. By using video more often than static image, the studio's work is constantly showcased and installations can be seen in a more dynamic way. This is exemplified by the use of background/full screen videos that keep the user immersed in Parallel's projects and processes.

Minimalism is key here, with typography seen large and at times taking up a third of the screen. As the user scrolls downwards, a new section pops up showcasing a different topic of area of exploration with the site. This keeps the user not only engaged in the content via interaction, but also organized in terms of what they'd like to focus on.