Menu of services provided by Northstar Wealth Group to their clients to explain how they can help with their financial wellness
Data Visualization
Identity/Brand Design
Nina Andorf
NorthStar Wealth Group is a financial planning practice committed to enhancing the quality of their client’s lives by helping them live with more joy, more choice, and more dignity. In order to create a more engaging experience when onboarding clients, the practice requested a menu of services that not only explained what they can offer to clients, but also showcased their brand and their style of financial planning.

Although life is a strange journey through uncharted waters, Northstar has the tools and advice to get each client through those waters successfully and with confidence. With this in mind, the design of the menu would reflect ideas of confidence and guidance through the use of color, straight forward layouts, and simple charts. By using cool colors against warm tones in the layout, a balance is created that embodies Northstar's well rounded approach to financial planning. Information is mapped out in a way that is simple to understand, minimal, and accessible. The layout is not overwhelmed with data or text and  reads like you're talking to a trusted friend.

This brochure pairs well with other tools and print outs and acts as a folder or keeper for any information the client may want to bring with them at the end of their initial meeting with the advisor.