Program created for a conference hosted by UIC Institute for the Humanities
Print/Layout Design
Brochure Design
Nina Andorf
For the past half-millennium, Mexican foodways have been thoroughly trans-nationalized. Historians are well aware of what Alfred Crosby dubbed the “Columbian Exchange” in which the massive transfer of biota between Old and New Worlds brought not only microbes – and hence disease and death to Amerindian populations – but also new sources of food and environmental change to the Americas.

Created for a conference hosted by the UIC (University of IL at Chicago) Institute for the Humanities on the history and future of Mexican foodways, this piece was used as a program and circulated during the two-day event. It features details for each day and the panels and workshops occurring and the location of each. It uses imagery provided by the Institute that heavily reflects the subject matter (maize/agriculture) and uses bold, high contrast color choices (bright white on dark navy, reds and blues) to give a sense of permanence and massive change.