Wayfinding System for the
33 Building Graduate Studios and Galleries
Environmental Graphics
Wayfinding System
Nina Andorf
art direction/design
vinyl installation
SAIC Fabrication
The 33 Building Wayfinding System was inspired by the building's industrial features and minimalist architecture. This system exists within the three lower levels of the building and the main lobby. These levels contain the School of the Art Institute's graduate studios and several gallery spaces for public facing art exhibitions and classroom critiques.

The main idea of the signage is to direct individuals without abrupt arrows, per the SAIC Wayfinding System Guide, in order to keep traffic flowing intuitively. This idea adds to the minimalist design of each directional and keeps the most important information visible first (room numbers and level identification.)

SAIC Wayfinding System Guide
This project is split between main identifiers (tells you what floor you are), mini main identifiers (supports the main identifier on the opposite wall), and directionals (tells you which rooms are down which hallway.) Each piece is made of the same steel used in the center atrium of the building. White acrylic was added to the main identifiers to echo the bright white lights used in the atrium as well as the clean white walls and brick found within the entire three lower levels.

Due to the 2020/21 COVID-19 pandemic, these pieces were designed and produced completely on-site by SAIC staff with the addition of Cushing for all vinyl installation. (Not a small feat.)

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Installed Signage
Planning and Inspiration