As a graphic designer and art director based in the beautiful city of Chicago, I specialize in brand development, environmental graphic design, and other forms of communication design such as layout and publication design. I have a background in graphic design, information technology, moving image arts, conceptual writing, and photography.


I see the bigger picture when it comes to projects and I take an empathetic approach to solving communication problems within the design landscape. I work hard to find solutions that fill in the right blanks by considering the feelings it may invoke or the impact a design will have.


I seek work that pushes the envelope in subject matter and intention. I feel the best projects are those that benefit others and the world around us, changing how people feel and think. Open-minded clients with a passion for positive change are the critical force that drive improvement and maximize results.


I communicate solutions through design that feels right.



I offer design expertise across multiple mediums and disciplines, including:


Art Direction

Brand Strategy


Signage & Wayfinding

Web and Mobile App Design

Print and Layout

Environmental Graphics


Campaigns/Event Design

Conceptual Writing

Book and Publication Design

Infographics and Data Design



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